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Nature Inspired...Nature Made
2-Steps to Healthy, Beautiful Skin...Naturally!
1. HOW DID THE CONCEPT OF SKINATURALS COME TO BE?  I had a real Oprah "Ah-Ha" moment. While washing dishes, my husband, Rob, had a nature channel on TV. I heard them talking about a deer they had been following for a couple of days. The story was this deer had hurt his hind quarter bad enough that he was limping. They had noticed on the second day that the deer was returning to a certain spot of "mud" where he would lay for about 5-10 minutes. By the third day, they had also noticed that he wasn't limping as bad after getting up from this same spot of "mud". The next day, the deer returned to this same spot with his gimpy leg but after his respite, he got up and bolted out of the limp. Yep, you know they had to find out about this "mud". They did and reported to the viewers the "mud" was actually a clay composed of volcanic ash clay. 

I researched everything I could find on volcanic ash clay and to my amazement, the reports were right. Volcanic ash clay was in everything medicinal dating back to mid 1800's. All I could think about was how wonderful this clay seemed to be yet I couldn't find any beauty products using it as an ingredient. My quest began there and two years later, I had the formulation used today.

With the formulation of Miracle Masque and Rejuvenating Facial Serum, resulting products were developed came from necessity or client request.

2. WHAT ARE THE MAIN INGREDIENTS OF SKINATURALS? We are proud to use only certified organic ingredients in our product line.  The base of all our cleansing products and masque is a  proprietary blend of several volcanic ash. Our specially formulated blend of volcanic ash clays carry a negative charging action that draws out impurities and toxins from the subcutaneous layers of skin. Removing with a warm, wet washcloth exfoliates and cleanses the skin revealing firmer, younger-looking, more radiant skin.  Certified organic coconut oil is the base for our moisturizers. It's light, greaseless formula stimulates cell reproduction with hyaluronic acid,DMAE, silk peptides, natural antibacterial, antimicrobial properties, everything the skin needs to tone, tighten, promote elasticity in a 2-step simple skincare system

3. HOW DOES SKINATURALS WORK?  While the volcanic ash detoxifies, cleanses, and tightens, the "Cellular Repair Serum" (top beauty experts have compared it to Perricone MD) with DMAE, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C Ester, alpha lipoic acid, niacinamide, antioxidants such as carrot oil, lecithin and other essential anti-aging ingredients seals the skin, and stimulates collagen to promote elasticity. I have not seen or tried anything else on the market that comes close.

4. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO SEE RESULTS WITH THE 2-STEP SYSTEM? Depending on the skin problems you are experiencing, our clients have seen immediate results with the overall texture, firmness, tightness and improvement in common skin problems.

5. WHY IS IT NECESSARY TO USE A WASH CLOTH TO REMOVE THE SKINATURALS MASQUE AND/OR CLEANSER?  We recommend a wash cloth or "scrushy" to aid in the exfoliation of your skin which is necessary for deep cleansing. If you have sensitive skin, using a cloth is the safest to use as there is no undue pressure to the skin.

6. HOW LONG DOES THE 2-Step Daily CLEANSING SYSTEM LASTS?  The 2-step "DayPak" consisting of "Cleanse" and "Rejuvenating Facial Serum" usually lasts 4 to 6 months when used twice daily.

7. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE REJUVENATING FACIAL SERUM AND BODY SILK?  We had so many clients telling us and asking us for a body lotion after the success they were seeing with the use of "Rejuvenating Facial Serum". "Body Silk" was developed for those with varicose veins, spider veins, stretch marks, prevention of scars, sun damage, itchiness, razor burn, dry skin and much more. The main differencei is the additional certified organic centrifuged coconut and the properietary blends of essential oils As  Body Silk is a serum lotion, a little goes a long way. One 8 oz bottle usually lasts 4-6 months. 

8. What makes SKINaturals' CocoCremè better than other coconut oil-based moisturizers? 

a) SKINaturals’ CocoCremè is 100% Certified Organic coconut oil.  CocoCremè is made from freshly pressed coconut milk, chilled and separated by centrifugal force, this coconut oil remains raw and has the highest content of Lauric Acid. 

b) While other coconut oil products range from 39 to 48% Lauric Acid, SKINaturals CocoCremè contains 57% Lauric Acid (monolaurin), a unique medium-chain fat available naturally from only one other sourcemother’s breast milk. Monolaurin is currently being tested in clinical trials as a treatment for genital herpes, hepatitis C, and HIV. Early results were very promising and show possibilities for use as a new weapon in alternative medicine. 

As Founder, it was important to me to have the highest percentage of Lauric Acid available for our Rejuvenating Facial Serum, Body Silk and CocoCremè. 

RegistrationSTOREAbout SKINaturalsBloggin'FAQReviewsFungus Among UsBefore-After PicturesIngredientsThe Masque - How To ApplyCocoCremè-UsesKISS MY ASH Awards Program