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Nature Inspired...Nature Made
2-Steps to Healthy, Beautiful Skin...Naturally!
Visit Debbie's profile on Pinterest. "I know everytime I open my mouth  to inform someone of the power of coconut that they are not going to believe me. Along with first hand knowledge of the benefits of coconut, I'm constantly amazed with evidence of something else that coconut oil helps, treats, or improves.  ( - founded by Dr. Bruce Fife, author of "The Coconut Oil Miracle")

After all, if this one little oil was capable of doing so much, the entire medical community would be on top of it, right? Well, NO.  I don't know how many times, I personally have commented to physicians that I prefer to try something non-invasive like coconut oil but  am shot down with this statement," Well, there are no studies or clinical data to support the use of coconut oil in a medical environment".  After I point out that there are studies that support the use of coconut oil, I get handed a prescription with the brush off as he/she walks out the exam room door muttering,"I meant to say, I haven't seen anything come across my desk". 

Now, I don't have to tell you how much control it takes for me to bite my tongue, leave the exam room, say good-bye to the receptionist and get in my car where I then can exhale and scream, "all those years of so-called education and you call yourself intelligent?"  Then I calm myself down with the knowledge that as good as they think they are, there's a reason they are known to be "practicing" medicine. ", Debbie Starr, CEO/Founder :) 

What makes SKINaturals' CocoCremè better than other coconut oil-based moisturizers? 
1) SKINaturals’ CocoCremè is derived from 100% Certified Organic coconut oil.  
CocoCremè is m
ade from a specially prepared coconut oil, freshly pressed coconut milk,
chilled and separated by centrifugal force, this coconut oil remains raw. 

2) This non-chemical process provides a much higher Lauric Acid content. VCO purchased at health food stores, big box stores only contain 24-38% Lauric Acid (monolaurin). 
SKINaturals CocoCremè contains 57% Lauric Acid (monolaurin),
a unique medium-chain fat available naturally from 
only one other sourcemother’s breast milk.
Monolaurin is currently being tested in clinical trials as a treatment for genital herpes, hepatitis C, and HIV.
Early results were very promising and show possibilities for use as a new weapon in alternative medicine. 

As Founder, it was important to me to have the highest percentage of Lauric Acid available for our
Rejuvenating Facial Serum, Body Silk and CocoCremè. 

Directions:  Apply “CocoCremè©”  liberally; does not stain clothes or sheets. CocoCremè can be applied as often as
needed to relieve symptoms. CCremè is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial. When taken orally, CCremè can aid in
weight loss, hair loss, diabetes, scar lightening, cellulite, stretch marks plus many other uses. See our web site for
detailed articles on “CCremè” and coconut oil’s natural healing power. The following suggestions originate from our
personal use and recommendations from clients.


Burns: Run cold water over burn, then apply CCremè to damp skin. Keep burn covered  with “CCremè” to
further quicken healing. (Pic of Deb’s 2nd degree burn healed with “CCremè”.

Relieves dry, rough skin: Use on elbows, knees, feet, hands, eyebrows and lips.

Dry, cracked heelsApply liberally before going to bed; sleep in cotton socks.

Diaper Rash, cradle cap.

Stretch marks and scars Lessens appearance, when used with BFE masque, lightens them with repeated use.

Apply around face before permsor hair color                      Lengthen & Curl Eyelashes

   Great for nails and cuticles                                 Softens leather shoes  
 Condition baseball gloves  
Natural SPF
Psoriasis, eczema—helps to stop the itch associated with many skin conditions (known to help also with dermatitis, seborrhea, and age spots)

Insect bites—apply liberally to stop the pain of bites and stings.

Hair Loss-Apply vigorously to scalp before bed to help hair growth or deep condition hair. Shampoo out with a shampoo such as Onesta Strengthening Shampoo; known for its abilities in aiding hair growth. (Debbie shaved head to test this theory and her hair grew back thicker, and with more body.)

Polish Floors-Have a special event, want your floors or entry way to look extra shiny? Simply spread 1 Tablespoon of CCremè for coverage of approximately 650 sq. ft. and you’ll have showroom floors and it’s NOT slippery.

Pets: Multiple health benefits when fed to cats/dogs, 1 tsp by mouth or in food for shiny coat, digestion problems; also found to reduce fleas

Chaffing?“CCremè” offers instant relief, heals the skin and prevents chaffing from re-occurring. “CCremè” asks as a buffer keeping skin from further irritation.

RegistrationSTOREAbout SKINaturalsBloggin'FAQReviewsFungus Among UsBefore-After PicturesIngredientsThe Masque - How To ApplyCocoCremè-UsesKISS MY ASH Awards Program