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The Masque - How To Apply
SKINaturals Volcanic Ash Face & Body Firming System
Detailed Instructions for Use(Opens in a new window)

GRAB THAT MIRROR AND TAKE A CLOSE LOOK. There are a few things you want to bid adieu! Look at your crow’s feet, forehead lines, fine lines around the mouth, eyes, broken blood vessels around the nose, large pores on the nose, pucker your lips and look at the lines around your lips, look to the face and check out your profile. Note your problem areas so you can target them in your application.
Instructions for use for FACE:  
Use gloved* or ungloved fingers to massage in a thin layer of masque to entire face, neck and décolleté area. Then, massage up to 1/8” second layer giving special attention to problem areas as follows:
TURKEY NECK: using the palms and fingertips of your hands, start at base of neck, massaging up in a forward motion toward the base of chin. Then massage a thicker amount immediately under chin with thumbs pressing under chin spreading masque down around and up toward corners of mouth.
MOUTH, Fine lines and wrinkles (chapped lips): Using both thumbs massage a thicker coat of masque to upper and lower lips, massaging in a horizontal “back and forth” motion pushing the masque into fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area to exfoliate.
Masque ApplicationMOUTH: (Parentheses area) From mouth work thumbs up to this area massaging masque in thoroughly.
NOSE: Broken blood vessels and large pores. Gently massage masque from mouth area up to the eyes gently massaging around the nose and cheek area to cover any broken capillaries that appear with maturing skin.
EYES: Puffy, under eyes, dark circles, droopy eye, crow’s feet. Using ring finger apply masque from outside the eye toward the nose underneath the eye in a swooping fashion in an inward direction only. DO NOT TUG ON EYES.  ONLY use ring finger underneath the eye and preferably on upper lid as the skin under the eye is as sensitive as the skin on the back of the hand.
DROOPY EYE: Masque will help alleviate droop eye to some extent especially on the first treatment. BFE is absolutely safe to use around the eye area. For droop eye massage masque from outer eye area toward nose on upper lid forming a stripe leaving crease, eyelashes and eyebrows without masque.
CROW’S FEET: Firmly massage ample amount of masque into the crow’s feet area massaging until the masque is tacky to touch. Then move to forehead.
FOREHEAD: (where Debbie first thought of this BOTOX ALTERNATIVE) Using both thumbs, firmly massage ample amount of masque into the area between the eyebrows up through the forehead then spread to either side. Repeat until tacky.
By this time masque is probably tacky to work with, feel free to apply gloved hands into warm/hot water, moisten slightly, then apply both hands to forehead moving down in a light fashion to décolleté area then massage entire décolleté, neck, and face with warm water. Let masque dry for 15-20 minutes until it begins to crack.

NOTE: Beautè From Earth detoxifying masque begins working immediately going to the subcutaneous layers of the skin and working its way out. As it works its way out, it pulls out toxins causing the “drawing” effect and exfoliates the skin at the cellular level.

Using our daily 2-step system consisting of: “Cleanse”, a daily “boost” of deep cleansing for your skin combined with “Moist” (contains highest percentage of Lauric Acid, along with DMAE, Hyaluronic Acid, alpha hydroxy acids, retinol palmitate, niaminicide,Vitamin C Ester
(see complete list of ingredients) protection, one reason why we can guarantee results within 30 days. 2 steps a day for flawless skin…naturally!

TO REMOVE MASQUE: Apply warm washcloth to entire face to loosen masque. Once masque is loosened, then use washcloth or
facial scrub brush  to remove the masque. NOTE: Once masque is removed from face and begins to dry you may begin to notice thread-like strings coming from surface of skin. Do not be alarmed, this is simply the toxins being released by the skin cells. Continue to remove for approximately 2 more minutes.Once the masque is removed, your skin will be absolutely clean. Please refrain from placing your hands on your face. Moist protects your skin from free radicals and further damage. The main ingredient in Moist is a natural antimicrobial and antibacterial. With the highest percentage of Lauric Acid (57%), and natural vitamins B and E, your skin will begin healing immediately and with each treatment continue to improve. Keep in mind that this is a serum, not a lotion. Therefore, only 1-2 pumps are necessary and more may lead to an oily film. This moisturizer contains DMAE, alpha lipoic acid, niaminicide, alpha hydroxy acids, and hyaluronic acid – the fab five of beautiful skin.
Immediately follow the masque with application of Moist. Temporary redness may occur due to increased blood circulation.
Now, grab that mirror again. Look at those problem areas you targeted. How do they look now? I hope you picked out a couple of fine lines and took special note of where they were, because they probably are very faint or even gone now.I’m very excited for you and know you’ll enjoy the results achieved with Beauté From Earth. After all, I’ve seen it work over and over again for all types of women with all types of skin. Thank you for trying our product.Enjoy, Debbie Starr, CEO/Founder
*If you decide to do numerous applications with Beauté From Earth masque, say on your friends, and are using your hands, we recommend using non-latex gloves as your hands will tend to get dry as the ash doesn’t know when to stop absorbing. Doing one or two applications, your hands will feel great, but more than that…what’s the saying… “too much of a good thing”? Remember to tell your friends to, “Kiss My Ash”.

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